By : Bob Maccini |August 01, 2017 |Welcome to CFL Technology Source Company and Services News Blog. |Comments Off on Recent malware outbreaks could affect your business data

Due to the recent outbreaks of malware and the ever-increasing sophistication of the attacks, we are recommending that all clients enroll in our our offsite backup program.  If you are already a CFL client then your current CFL supplied Onsite Backup solution is a quality and robust system, however there are still weaknesses with any local only backup systems.


We are seeing reports that malware is automatically spreading from machine to machine on the local network with no additional user interaction beyond the initial infection.  We feel that there is a possibility that malware might someday find a way to spread to the onsite backup system, damaging it as well as your main data.  If that happens and your company does not have an additional off-sight backup, it is possible that you might lose all your data as both the primary data and the backups are both compromised.  This could be disastrous for your company.


There are other additional benefits of offsite backup such as a fire or flood in your building that damages both the server and the backup system.


The cost is calculated based on the amount of data to be stored offsite.  It is billed monthly and added to your existing CFL Care monthly invoice.  The majority of our client’s average expense is around $200 per month (This is based on an average offsite data amount of 600GB).  Your Account manager can estimate your data and give you a firm price quote.


As your IT partner, we feel it is prudent to advise you of any potential threat to your data and recommend you consider signing up for our CFL offsite backup program.  If you are not currently a CFL client, then please reach out to us, we would be happy to talk data protection with you!!

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